Friday Fire 🔥 Don’t TALK about it. BE about it.

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Friday Fire 🔥 Don’t TALK about it. BE about it.

In todays episode we discuss how many people think about doing things or talk about doing things, but never truly take action. They hold themselves back thinking about the 'what if's' or make excuses to push things off like 'I'll start Monday.' 

The hard truth is, if you’ve been on the fence for a while or tiptoeing around the action you need to take to create change and are still talking about it, you’re a broken record. 

So, stop talking about it and accept where you are OR COMMIT  to taking action.

This doesn’t have to be extreme or CRAZY, we aren’t about the all or nothing or extremes – by now you all should know that. BUT you CAN take action today 

  • You can go for a 10 min walk
  • You can drink more water
  • You can choose a salad with grilled chicken or salmon over a burger and fries or HECK even just a burger with a side salad is a good start
  • You can choose to ask for help
  • You can choose to get into bed earlier instead of watching another episode on Netflix
  • You can choose to get up earlier and have time to collect yourself instead of starting the day in a rush and frantic. 

THERE’S A LOT YOU CONTROL RIGHT NOW... SO JUST START DOING SOMETHING. You'll be better, happier, and healthier for it. 

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