Menstrual Monday Part 2: The Scary Truth About Birth Control

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Menstrual Monday Part 2: The Scary Truth About Birth Control

Today we talk about the scary truth behind birth control and what Doctors may not tell you. TO BE CLEAR: We are NOT ANTI birth control, we are PRO informed consent!

Hormonal birth control can also be very beneficial for SOME people with extremely painful conditions like severe endometriosis or really heavy periods.  So we are NOT saying you should never take birth control by any means.

However, and unfortunately, 'informed consent' seems to be RARE in the US for both women and girls.

So, today we are hopefully clearing up some of the confusion and misunderstandings around what birth control actually is and what it does - ESPECIALLY when it comes to 'progestin' which is NOT progesterone as they say. 

We cover:

  • What a REAL period is without birth control (synthetic hormones). 
  • How hormonal birth control does NOT ‘balance your hormones’.  
  • How birth control should not be marketed essentially to every woman on the planet with a mild hormonal symptom because it very well could be making things much worse.
  • What is happening when you are birth control.
  • The difference of progestin versus progesterone. 
  • Birth control bleeds compared to real periods. 

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