The Truth About Skincare/Haircare Products + A GIVEAWAY

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The Truth About Skincare/Haircare Products + A GIVEAWAY

Curious about what toxins are in your skincare, haircare and household cleaning products? In this episode we talk all things skincare, haircare, household products and the dirty dozen of toxins - this is not an all inclusive list as there are hundreds of other toxins but over 80% of products contain at least one of these dirty dozen… Use this education to check your products and start swapping out your skincare/haircare products for cleaner products… one of which is our favorite line, FRE Skincare! We love it so much we are also doing a giveaway for their new product GLOW ME+! This is a 3-in-1 tinted moisturizer with sunscreen and argan oil! ENTER TO WIN by taking a screenshot [on your phone of this episode] and share it on Instagram or Facebook, and tag both Becca and I so we see you’ve shared it and we will enter you into the drawing to win! Even if you don't win you can save extra $$ with the code LIZROMAN on all FreSkincare Products!

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