What the CrossFit Games Taught Me About My Body

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What the CrossFit Games Taught Me About My Body

I attended the CrossFit Games for the first time this past weekend.  I was there as a spectator and helper to Lifestyle Nutrition Athletes - Team OC3Black all weekend.   I had SO much fun hanging with my OCF Family!

When you watch the CrossFit Games, all of the athletes are amazing physical specimens. Even the masters in the 40+ y/o categories are shredded. 


(Winner of Women’s 45-49 age group)

Some people probably don’t even pay attention to the amazing feats they are performing because you are distracted by these (seemingly common) bodies made up of abs, lean jacked shoulders, big muscular legs, shapely booties, etc. 

Even a lot of the spectators looked like this!! Here’s the thing though, as common as this body-type seems at the CrossFit Games, it’s not. I know that CrossFit does not do this intentionally, but the Games and these athletes make it seem that this can be attainable to anyone that attends a CrossFit class a few times a week.

 What is not put on display is what these athletes do to look this way and survive these weekends of 10-14 grueling workouts in a matter of 4-5 days. 

 Are you ready for this?  Here is how you look like a CrossFit Game Athlete:

  1. Turn exercise into your full-time job (i.e. 5-6 days/week for 1.5-3 hours+ per day)
  2. Religiously weigh and measure your food.
  3. Alcohol, most likely, will not play a role at any point in this.
  4. You may need to quit your job or make sure you at least work at a CrossFit gym.
  5. You will need to focus on sleep, recovery, stress, and downtime as much as you focus on your workouts. 
  6. Finally, and this is a big one…GENETICS.  For most of these athletes, they have this in their blood.  They grew up as athletes, or they have athletic parents and siblings, etc.  Sadly, we can’t change this one on our end much.    

Frustrating, right?  Well, no. It shouldn’t be.  CrossFit is about what your body can DO, not what it looks like.

I spent a LONG time making myself feel bad about this.  About not looking like the Games athletes I saw on TV, about not having visible abs, about a lot of things that were out of my control.  It took me a long time to realize a few things that I want to share with you…

If you don’t like where you are at physically, then do something about it, but don’t hate yourself in the process. Be patient with progress, be kind to yourself, and don’t compare to others! 

So yes, look to these incredible athletes for inspiration, but don’t you dare start to compare to them.  You are amazing exactly how you are, and you will be amazing whether or not you reach your end goal, whatever that may be.  You just have to believe this is true. 

Spend some more time loving yourself today and less time making yourself feel bad because you deserve better than that. 

That is what the CrossFit Games taught me.    

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