The Only Diet that Never Fails

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The Only Diet that Never Fails

Your curious aren’t you?  To find out the only diet, after working with thousands of individuals, that I’ve never seen fail.  That is right, literally never.

It isn’t fancy, it isn’t special, it’s actually been around for quite some time, believe it or not!

Okay, okay, I’ll tell you!


It is a diet that YOU can be consistent with, and that you can enjoy.  I don’t mean consistent like a month or two, I mean for years.  For decades.  A diet approach that you can see yourself doing because, here comes the second point…you ENJOY it. 

You enjoy the food you eat, you enjoy cooking, you enjoy the exercise you’re doing, and most importantly, you enjoy how you FEEL because of it.   

If these things are not part of your ‘diet’ or nutritional approach, sorry bud – it ain’t happening for ya.  That means if you truly, deep down love eating broccoli, and chicken, and rice for meals – wow, good for you!  But for the normal population, it is:

  1. Including foods we love, in moderation (i.e. wine, cookies, donuts for me!...ya know, the yummy things that someone once told us were ‘bad’)
  2. Eating nutrient dense, high-quality, foods in a good balance ~70-90% of the time so that our body gets what it needs in terms of vitamins/nutrients/energy. And finding ways to eat that way that you enjoy (i.e. new recipes, trying new things out, etc.)
  3. Finding an exercise routine that you enjoy doing (most of the time, at least).  We get it, we aren’t motivated every day, but having performance-based goals (i.e. running a 5k, getting a strict pull up, etc.) help keep us motivated to get to the gym consistently!  And that consistency is where success will lie.
  4. Finding love for yourself.  Let’s be honest, a lot of nutrition struggles stem from emotions and mindset.  We ‘hate’ how we look, or we ‘hate’ how our clothes fit and that hate drives us wanting to change.  But until we truly find love for ourselves, all the hate and motivation we derive from it to ‘eat well’ will never bring us true happiness. 

So at the end of the day, I want you to walk away from reading this and start doing a couple of things for us:

  1. Include a few foods/drinks you love each week a couple times a week.  Love chocolate chip cookies?  Why not have one when the situation arises at work, or go grab some ice cream with your kids this Saturday.  No guilt.  No shame.  Just enjoyment. 
  2. Find 1 new recipe each week to make that makes you excited to eat some nutrient dense, great food!
  3. If you haven’t yet, start checking out some new exercise routines.  Try finding one (even if its walking!) that will truly make you happy and excited to do it (at least most days haha)
  4. I want you to start writing down ONE thing each day that you love about yourself and that you are grateful for.  Even if we don’t love ourselves every day, we must respect ourselves.  Love will grow over time, but love is not a feeling – it is an act of will.  So start building that will. 

Love you all <3 

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