6 Tips to Handle Food Peer Pressure

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6 Tips to Handle Peer Pressure Around Food

Dieting and trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle is hard enough without somebody being a jerk about it.  Have you ever been trying to make healthier decisions for yourself and heard things like this from your ‘friends’ and family?


“Are you too healthy for us?”

“Calories don’t count on the weekend!”

“One meal won’t kill you.”

“Come on, live a little!” 


Think about it in the opposite direction.  What if someone you were with ordered a bacon cheeseburger and loaded cheese fries with an extra-large Coke and you said something like:


“Oh my gosh that’s like a THOUSAND calories!”

“Would it kill you to eat something healthy for once?”

“That is going to go straight to your (insert body part here)?”


No…everyone would openly dislike you.  So why is it okay for people to comment on your HEALTHY decisions when you are trying to do something that is GOOD for you?!


Sadly, we can’t change people, but hopefully some of these tips help you survive those conversations that I’m sure you have frequently with your healthy lifestyle. 

Here is the bottom line: They’re jealous.  They envy your discipline and willingness to change.

This is a THEM problem, not a YOU problem. 

So when they choose to give you a hard time about these choices you are making that align with your goals - here are some things you can do to make eating well around others who are not easier:

  1. When they make a comment - Laugh it off and change the subject. Ask about the new job your sister just got, or if anyone has anything going on that weekend!
  2. EXPLAIN yourself. When you make it real to people by saying why you are doing it and give a valid reason (which hopefully you have) - then it really just becomes rude for people to try to deter your goals.
  3. Make the Plans - If you invite people over to your place for dinner and cook yourself, or if you decide where you are going to eat, you can control the food! Makes it a lot easier to not have to say no to a bunch of things.
  4. Food Sensitivity/Fullness - This one might be a small lie, but in our eyes, it’s a very harmless little lie. Tell people (especially those that don’t know you too well) that you have a sensitivity to dairy or gluten. Or if they do know you, tell them you ate too much earlier and aren’t feeling very hungry. 
  5. Step away from the food and CHUG water. Whenever around sweets or foods that we know we can’t resist, we stay away from the “food table” and grab a big old bottle of water to chug down. It helps act as a diversion.  Even consider packing a small healthy snack in your pocket or purse to help if there are literally no healthy options.
  6. Avoid the Situations - I know this one sucks, but if you know your will power/discipline around food and others is not there yet, avoid situations that make it hard for you until you have a better handle on it. It’ll be worth it when you show up after not having gone to the bars for the past few weekends and everyone comments on how great you look!

So just remember, at the end of the day, this is their problem - not yours.  Know that YOU are strong enough to do this and it is simply them trying to pull you down.  I mean…we feel a little bad for them, so have some sympathy on them for heaven’s sake.

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